I Cannot Believe I Did That… Vol. 1

Bacon Explosion

What do you think when you see the above?  Do you start to gag?  or Does your mouth start to water?  Herein lies the difference between myself and my husband…  He saw the following article in the New York Times, and immediately sent me the link, as did several of my other friends.  I then went to the original source to find out WHY-O-WHY someone came up with this idea.  Of course, I saw the potential fun in the challenge, yet I had a difficult time getting beyond the bacon-on-bacon-on-pork 5000 calorie, 500 fat gram excessiveness.

But I had to weigh my own girlyness against the fact that this was one of the first times RJ was really excited about my having a blog.  The other time was when his very own recipe was featured here on the site.  I had the bacon explosion out of my mind until a trip to the grocery store lead me past a package of uncased sausage meat.  ::Sigh:: the stars were aligned.   I vowed to hold myself to only one pound of bacon, and purchased the pork.

The first step here was to make the bacon weave.  This was my favorite part.  I’ve never made a lattice work pie, or basketweave icing, but bacon I’m familiar with, and the weave I can do:

bacon explosion weaveNext the “recipe” called for a particular brand of barbecue rub (coincidentally, the one the inventors are selling!) so I grabbed one can from a 4-tin spice gift pack which said “pork rib rub” — two out of three ain’t bad!  I sprinkled it over the weave.  May I interject, at this moment, that I might be more embarrassed to have the above weave in my house than that other kind of weave on my head?  Yeah.


So… we’re done with the weave, and then we put sausage on top.  Then we add more bacon.

bacon-with-sausageThen more rub and barbecue sauce.  Intelligent woman that I am, I began this whole process on a sheet of plastic wrap.  Which allowed me to enter a zen state and imagine that I was rolling sushi…

bacon-sushiI got a very tight roll this way, and didn’t bacon-up my cutting board too badly.  The result looked pretty good, we thought:

bacon-ready-to-goThen we put it in the fridge to keep its shape until the next day, Super Bowl Sunday.  Which gave RJ enough time to read through the whole article.  He now wanted a smoker.  Yes, it can also be baked, but RJ hears grill and starts in with the Tim Allen AR, AR, ARRRR.  He ran to Home Depot to buy a smoker box and hickory chips.  We ended up with chips from a Jack Daniels barrel.  Hey, it worked!  After 2 hours, here’s what we ended up with:

bacon-explosionDon’t mind his dopey expression — he’s very VERY excited.  Then, we had to glaze the bacon explosion.  We chose our absolute favorite barbecue sauce, Cincinnati’s own Montgomery Inn.  With a lovely gloss, we began to dig in:

bacon-platedThe taste?  Well, we decided that we didn’t put enough barbecue sauce inside or enough spice rub on the outside.  It basically tasted like pork on pork.  Which some people (RJ) like.  I had a bite, and it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t enough to make me to continue to eat the pork-on-pork!  Whatever, at least I can say I did it – the BACON EXPLOSION! POW! :

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