Search Engine Tracks

How do people get here?  Well, aside from the family members and friends I have been foisting this link upon for months now, a lot of people find this blog through search engines.  Some type in “baking croissants from scratch” or “beef short rib recipe” and Google sends them here.  Others try a different route:

  • the salad plot thickness (4/21)
  • greasy fattening foods (5/2)
  • 3/8 cup (5/2)
  • delicious and juicy food cooked in oil (5/3)
  • pork loin plastic foil (5/3)
  • yeast babies (5/4)
  • (5/10) معجنات
  • cooking plastic wrap boil (5/12)
  • a pictue of a cup in a spheres of oil (5/29)
  • hi def cheese (6/11)
  • my mom eating (8/18)

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